The Merivale Meditation and Millennium Garden

In the year 2000, Merivale had much to celebrate, including the 2000th year of the Christian era, the 75th anniversary of the United Church of Canada and the 125 th anniversary of the first service of worship in the Merivale United Church (at that time, the Merivale Presbyterian Church). That was the year we planted our garden.

Our ever-changing surroundings are a source of inspiration and enjoyment to the congregation. During the months of July and August, we like to linger after the worship service for lemonade on the lawn.

In the Spring, the busy Merivale Road is framed by a blaze of scarlet tulips, contributed by the Robertson family to mark the 50th anniversary of the Ottawa Tulip Festival.

The Meditation Garden has become a wonderful place for church members and those in the community to sit, reflect and relax amid the beauty of nature.