The Merivale Quilters

New Quilters welcomed

A social and fun morning drop in at Merivale United Church 1876 Merivale Road on Wednesday morning 9:30 to 12:00.

2019 Merivale Quilters Show

2019 quilter show
2019 quilter show
2019 quilter show
2019 quilter show  

A highlight of life at Merivale is the weekly gathering every Wednesday morning of the Merivale Quilters and their friends. The Quilters first came together to create a banner for the Ontario Bicentennial (1984). They so much enjoyed the work and the fellowship that they have continued to meet ever since. Every second year, they invite the community to a big quilt show/sale. 

The Merivale Quilters Group meets each Wednesday at Merivale United Church from 9:30 - 12:00. Several ladies are excellent quilters but it is not a requirement. There are many other ways to participate and assist such as cutting material, piecing together or tying quilts. There is lots of conversation, fellowship and refreshments.

If you would like to join in the fun, please contact: Gayle Ashby, Sandra Marshall, or the church office at or 613-225-0248.

The Dresden Plate Design Quilt

The Quilters finished a lovely quilt of the Dresden Plate design. It has multicoloured curved "blades" on a white background, with green centre disks, sashing strips and borders.

The top was created almost twenty years ago by the Galbraith family. It is interesting to note the differences between the fabrics of that era and today.

The cross-stitched roses and ivy quilt.

The quilters took great pride in their workmanship and were excited about its completion after three years of concentrated labour by a number of members.

More than 1200 hours have gone into this quilt!

The "Red Hat" wall hanging, was designed and stitched by Marcelle Eburne.

It was an interesting one to see, as it is to be quilted first and then embellished with all manner of extras such as feathers, ribbons, jewellery, veils, etc.

We had fun creating a unique piece of 'art'. This is an expression of the lively philosophy of the "Red Hat" movement currently active in today's social scene.

The "Red Hat" quilt provided the inspiration for our quilt show October 2012. The quilt show also featured handicrafts with a "Red Hat" motif.

Also completed during March 2006 was a batch of 21 "fidget quilts". These are little lap-sized quilts designed to offer sensory stimulation to Alzheimer's patients.

Much ingenuity went into finding and fitting together fabrics with interesting colours and textures, and fastening down little surprises such as tiny teddy bears and chains of beads.

A very popular project is the creation of a crib quilt for a new baby in the church family.

The Merivale Quilters enjoying their mid-morning break together. The Quilters always invite their friends to join them for refreshments, and the break session typically includes the minister, the church secretary, the church gardeners and multiple volunteers who are working on various projects around the church buildings.

Wednesday morning has evolved into a pleasant social occasion at Merivale.